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Kelly Monaco's Bio

Name:  Kelly Marie Monaco
Birthday:  May 23, 1976
Birthplace:  Philadelphia, PA
Height:  5'3
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Brown
Siblings:  5 Sisters
Favorite Color:  Green
Pets:  One dog named Morgan
   Kelly an active athlete grew up on the East Coast, where she participated in soccer, track, softball, and swimming, among other sports.  She was the last of five girls to be born into her family and they decided to move from the city of Philadelphia to a more peaceful environment of the Poconos.  Kelly also intensely participated in speech, debate and theater in High School. 
   Her television debut came in 1997 where she landed a role on "Baywatch."  Kelly was raised in an Italian Catholic home and is very close with her family.  She enjoys volunteering for children's charity events and working with elders. 
   Kelly currently resides in West Hollywood, CA.  Kelly has also been in Playboy and was Playmate of the month and other various television programs.  She now currently plays the role of Sam McCall on General Hospital.  May Livvie Locke and Port Charles RIP until we meet again, because dead doesn't always mean dead on Port Charles.